Veruzian GodsEdit

  • God of Dreams: Assilya Yuel
  • God of Energy: Zanel Ligola
  • God(dess) of Life: Mekreh Amahak
  • Goddess of Darkness: Amphatia Esmûl
  • God of Space and Time: Reydasm Umri
  • God of Fire: Zemelo Setar
  • God of Air: Rephnon Vahat
  • Goddess of Water: Leasu Marimen
  • God of Earth: Gedatsu Rokkap
  • God of Light: Shôden Yuel
  • Goddess of Love: Menenia Syzmel
  • God of Knowledge: Helarios Guktum
  • God of War: Serco Doriole
  • God of Death: Kastiliano Invoker
  • God of Emotions: Dante The Green
  • God of Balance: Yequizze Stain

Neyunian GodsEdit

  • Goddess of Emotions: Saya Meldez
  • God of Love: Illahir Glinon

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